Wednesday, September 3, 2008

GWS AT-6 to "Japanese" Torpedo Bomber

Hey Guys

I'm still building RC models but I don't ever seem to post about them anymore. Well recently I purchased a contra-rotating setup and could not wait to try it out.

Visions of Reno Racing models come to my mind when I think Contra Rotating props. However the idea to mod the AT-6 to a Hollywood Kate was all too easy. Perhaps the Japanese might have even built one had the War dragged on.

Sold by Hobby City the motor retails for about 1/3 the price of a similar Himax setup. It's not without it's quirks as is any contra rotator.

For example the magnets all had to be re glued back into the end bells. Epoxy and micro balloons took care of that. Also the rear prop physically bolts to the front motors end bell. Care must be taken to drill the propeller perfectly.

I selected the GWS model as it was very light and very inexpensive. In the end even after fiber glassing the wing and some of the fuse the ready to fly weight is 26 ounces! With 350W there is no lack of power.

Video is taken at the SEFLI field on Long Island. Model is at 1/2 throttle and shows no yaw to p-factor at all.

Ill have a lot of fun with this one as time allows. It's kind of like the "4-stroke" of electric flight!

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